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Florence Oregon Real Estate

Client Testimonials in Florence, Oregon

"Greg went above and beyond the call of duty in showing us homes in the Florence area and displayed a level of professionalism that we are not used to seeing among Realtors. His background in construciton and his concern for the welfare of people puts him a cut above. We will be utilizing his expertise in the future as we soldify our plans!"
Christopher Klahn

"My husband and I have been looking for a home on the Florence, Oregon Coast for several months. When travellling in the Florence area, we met with Greg Hicks and were both highly impressed. His building knowledge was far better than anything we had experienced in the structural, building area. He showed us several homes that we would not have been aware of without his connections. When working with coast property, it is imperative to find an agent who knows the area and is willing to give you the positives of individual properties. We would highly recommend Greg Hicks."
Sharon Williams

"Greg helped us to find a new home in Florence which was a very pleasant experience. We choose him because he is not only a realtor but also a builder. With great patience he showed us a big amount of houses that were meeting our wishes. He was always able to point out the weaknesses in a house, that we would not have noticed: f.i. outer walls that were probably on the point to start rotting, roofs that had to be repaired and many other things. He never tried to talk us into something that we did not like 100% . When we finally found a house that we liked very much, his knowledge helped us to make an appropriate offer and he guided us through the process of acquisition.great experience!"
Evelyne Carson

"Greg worked very hard with my husband and I to help us find a house. He was there night and day and helped us deal with a short sale that fell through. Through no fault on his part. Greg answered our calls promptly and went above and beyond."
David Strom